Privacy Policy is an official web site of V Consulting Bulgaria - business advisers’ unit founded with the idea to assist business in Bulgaria and SE Europe.
We provide and strictly observe privacy policy in order to protect your information connecting your business activities, company’s data and shared information.

Terms of use
You cannot use any of the information, text and pictures from our site without our explicitly written agreement. No copyrights permission to copy parts or whole articles with publishing purpose or other purposes. If you feel that this is necessary, you have to put in quotes copy text, give reference and write the author.

How we protect your data?
We use reliable measures to secure information against losses, abuses and changes of information in our site.
Data concerning your requirements are only available to V Consulting Bulgaria advisers' in order to contact with you and answer to all your questions and queries.

How you can receive business news, articles and information about our special offers?
Leave your name, company’s name and e-mail address into to the provide contacts form, witch can be found in the contacts menu. Write down in filed “message” what kind of information you want to receive.
Thereby, you will be added to our segmented mail list and you will receive only necessary information. If you do not want to receive information from us any more, please unsubscribe in analogous way.

Sharing and distribution
We do not share, publish or sell any business or private information to third party including promotional purposes without your explicitly permission unless it is under prosecution.
We do not distribute business information that has been known by us during the consulting process, the same concern price information about contracting services. The only exception on this rule is specific services with fixed price – our special offers are announced in our web site. Consultation is submitted in time in written form (paper) and electronic form (file and/ or media) with statement about the accepting and giving, presentation is up to you. You can use, develop and apply recommendations however without V Consulting’s permission as an author and owner of consultation you do not have the right to distribute, sell and make it public.

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