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Do you struggle implementing best practices in your organization? Would you like to sell more products to your customers? Have you experienced frustration when some business initiatives delivered fewer results than expected because your teams were reluctant to embrace change?

Maybe we can help you...


We are a consulting company, based in Sofia, founded with the idea to assist leaders, managers, and contractors in improving the businesses they run. To fulfil our mission, we have worked out package services for private sector, NGOs, municipalities and investors. In 2010 we resolved on elaborating a new business proposition for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.


This special program is conducted by Mr. Oliver Burnouf in cooperation with our company V Consulting Bulgaria.


Mr. Oliver Burnouf is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in strategy and organizational design in the financial services. He graduated in management and finance in France and has a MBA from a leading UK Business School.
Mr. Oliver Burnouf started his career with Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking before moving to consulting. He has worked with leading consultancies such as McKinsey & Company and Gemini Consulting. In 2004 he founded his own consulting company, Aetius Strategy Advisory, based in London.


Combining “world class” consulting skills with a deep knowledge of the Bulgarian culture and market makes our program a powerful business proposition.Our offer of services is based on the projects that financial services firms are currently running in Central and Eastern Europe.


Please, let me introduce you the program in its 5 components:


1/ Harmonization of operations. After a period of rapid expansion through branches opening and/or acquisition of local businesses, banks and insurances feel the need to standardize the patchwork of their processes. We can support you in redesigning your operations and managing change.

2/ Post merger management. Surveys regularly show that one out of two M&A do not deliver the expected value, most of the time because of failed post merger integration. This stage is the more so difficult when there is a cultural difference between the (Western Europe) acquirer and the (Bulgarian) target. The merged company has to address key issues such as what to integrate? To what extent? Should the target processes be aligned with the standard processes of the acquirer or should the merged company be designed around best practices from both companies? How to manage the post merger without losing key customers and talents?

3/ Business strategy formulation. If you try to expand your product offering and/or address new customer segments, we could assist you in assessing market attractiveness, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities and threats, defining the strategy, aligning the organization and creating a business plan.

4/ Cross selling. We advise financial institutions which have different businesses like retail banking, insurance, asset management, leasing, factoring, mutual and pension funds, etc... on how to sell more products to customers by developing cross sales. We could help you assess opportunities, develop new products if necessary, adapt the organization (distribution channels and back-offices), develop incentive schemes for the sales force.

5/ Governance issues between the local bank and the HO like definition of reporting, measurement of risks, etc.


As external advisers we provide objective analysis, independent recommendations and professional services.


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