Business in Bulgaria





V Consulting Bulgaria will assist you with:
  • Business establishment registration;
  • Open your company's bank account in Bulgaria;
  • Political, economic and social overview;
  • Entry market survey, branch analysis, economic  prognosis;
  • Business visa invitation;
  • Organizing your reception and accommodation;
  • Arranging meetings with local community;
  • Advising about the best investment in line with your needs;
  • Representing your company in Bulgaria;
  • Organizing the activities of the company;
  • Getting the license/ certificate/ permit for doing business;
  • Contact management with government bodies, institutions, partners, distributors and suppliers;
  • Helping you in your local management team selection;
  • Strategic and business plan creation;
  • Other business services relating to your business activity.

Strategic consulting and Business plan

Strategic consulting and Management

Strategic planning. Environmental analyses; design vision's, mission's and goals' engineering; corporate, business functional and operational strategy; strategy execution by programme, valuation and control; business plan and budget preparation...

Business plan creation and budget preparation.

Organizational development. Organizational analyses and diagnostics; adjustable organizational structure; management model and a process of  decisions making; working process optimization; corporate culture, full conception for organizational growth...



Market researches and business prognoses; SWOT analysis; products and services development; segmentation and diversification; sales organization; price politics; ditstribution channels and realization; marketing strategy...


Marketing communications

PR conception and marketing communication; product and image media campaigns; BTL activities; organizing events; crisis PR; media monitoring and electronic press creeping; practical education in marketing field...

Legal consulting and Registrations

Legal consulting and Registrations

Legal consulting and RegistrationsWe register business establishments, trademarks, branch offices; NGO-s; we provide legal advice related to company's transformation processes; negotiations and contracts, we prepare contracts...


Accounting consulting and Attendance

accounting consultingWe answer competently your questions, concerning taxation and accounting legislation...

Offering the following services: accounting, salary treatment, tax planning and protection, registrations.

We work closely with K&K Accounting in order to reduce your expenses and save a lot of your valuable time...


Financial consulting

    We provide full company's financial survey. We prepare analysis for current financial state and perspectives and give you recommendations which increasing financial and warehouse system effectiveness and control. Accomplish partial and full inspectation with results - bring responsible people to book. We also create and implant software system that shows your real company's financial status in real time...


Consulting and recruiting sevices in the area of company's 
management and human capital

human researchDesign and form HR department and positions (roles, structure, functions, relations, process); prepare needed documents - job descriptions, contracts, internal company's rules; execute everything necessary for HR role and responsibilities...

We offer you consulting, selection and staff training - need of selection valuation, options for suitable design approach, result interview technique, the right candidate choice for the position, entrance trainings, remunerations, professional career development and opportunities, employee work effectiveness valuation...

We hold effective trainings by working out a program according to the company's needs of: management in a realistic business environment, change management, staff effectiveness valuation...

V Consulting Bulgaria

V Consulting Bulgaria & Collect Consulting S. A.



Our contribution to 'Equal Opportunity for All', which is the topic of World Bank 2017 Doing business project, was appreciated with a cetificate of appreciation


World Bank 2018 Doing Business Economy profile for Bulgaria


V Consulting Bulgaria joined the World Economic Survey expert group. Download the latest WES report 2nd quater 2018


Aetius Strategy Advisory, London & V Consulting Bulgaria present a business proposition for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Combining world class consulting skills with a deep knowledge of the Bulgarian culture and market makes our program a powerful business proposition.

Our offer of services is based on the projects that financial services firms are currently running in Central and Eastern Europe. Read more about this programme


To fulfil our mission, we have worked out package of services for:


    Contact management

    Contact management

    Connecting people, businesses and activities as well as assist in finding appropriate business partner for a shared business in Southeast Europe...


    IT consulting and Odit

    We provide you with a full IT research and analysis on infromation processes and define strengths and weaknesses in existing IT structures. We also provide you with a Hardware& software system optimization.We advise you about importing suitable IT systems in order to reduce your company's expenses...


    Corporate culture and team building

    You will achieve ultimate team building educational effect by combination of three coherent, interacting and complement services:

    1) Entrance consulting;
    2) Team building experimental education indoor and outdoor, close to nature;
    3) Exit consulting.

    We offer you an intelligent and complex opportunity that includes corporate analysis in order to lead priority objects of Team building education. At next stage, a programme is designed, planned and organized accordingly set purposes. Personal experience during the team building education is the key not only for problems' recognition and rationalization but forming effective team cooperation for their successful solving. The programme finishes with experience's analysis, making respective conclusions and with look into the future - advising further corporate culture development.

    The service is elaborated and realized jointly with International School Educo Bulgaria


We provide cooperation in significant business areas.

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